Larry Sabato Predicts: Clinton Victory Will Be Like Obama in 2012


Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia Center for Politics joins NBC's Chuck Todd and discusses the Republican preparation for a big loss. From Friday's Meet the Press Daily:

LARRY SABATO: Look, fundamentally all that has happened is Hillary Clinton finally lost her convention bounce. They had a very successful convention. The bounce lasted larger than usual. It was going to fade eventually, but look where she is. Let's say it stays at 4 points. Have we forgotten that President Obama beat Mitt Romney by 5 million votes by winning by 4 points? That's a lot. And I kind of think Clinton is going to end up where Obama was.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: Obama '12 or Obama '08?

SABATO: Obama '12. I think there is a possibility it could go higher but I'm saying between the four and seven points, and maybe closer to four, but let's see who blows one of the debates. Who knows?

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