Cenk Uygur: What Do We Learn When "Virulent, Admitted Racist" Ann Coulter Loves Trump's Immigration Speech?


Ann Coulter, David Duke, and Richard Spencer are among the individuals who openly backed Trump’s speech on immigration Wednesday.

Trump is "doubling down on white males," host Cenk Uygur said about Trump's speech. "Now, who else is going to like this? The extreme right wing!"

"Ann Coulter, she is back," he said. "She hears this speech and says, oh, the Fuhrer is back. (The furor of angry white people). So she tweets: "Wow. This isn't sound like 'softening.' GO TRUMP!!!" and "I think I'll watch this speech every night before going to bed so that I will sleep like a baby."

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"Ann Coulter often talks about how we need to fight against the 'browning' of America. If you make this virulent, admitted racist happy, you get a good sense where [Trump] was going with this speech. Now, she doesn't admit she is a racist, she just says she doesn't think we should 'brown' this country. Meaning we shouldn't let brown people in as much! I think that is kind of the definition of racist."

"So, she is ecstatic, congratulations Donald Trump."

"Now you know who he’s going for," Uygur says, "If you’re not in that group and you think he’s on your side, I’ve got some bad news for you."

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