Kaine: Clinton Will Do Comprehensive Immigration Reform Within First 100 Days, "Earn The Right To Citizenship"


SCARBOROUGH: So, let me -- let me ask you, though, about illegal immigration. We’ve said on this show several times that illegal immigration coming to this country has declined.


SCARBOROUGH: But, it still, though, has been at high levels. Certainly if you look -- I'm looking at Pew research from 2009 through 2014, they were still all record-breaking years. So what does Hillary Clinton plan to do to stem the tide of illegal immigration into America that depresses working class voters' wages?

KAINE: Yes, well here's -- here’s what we're going to do, Joe, is the -- Hillary is going to put on the table within the first 100 days of the administration an effort to do after 30 years what we need to do, which is reform our immigration system in a comprehensive way. And it’s going to have a couple of key pillars. It’s going to have the pillar of trying to keep families together as a key value. It is going to have helping employers figure out the immigration status and people they hire. It is going to be providing a path where people who are here, if they pay their taxes and submit to criminal background record checks and follow the law, over a period of years they could earn the right to citizenship, come out of a shadow economy where they're being paid subminimum wages, hurting American workers and be treated more fairly. That will help American workers and help the economy.

And, finally, we're going to do what we did in the Senate bill back in 2013, a significant investment in border security. You're right, illegal immigration is a problem and we have to have border security. The funny thing is, net migration from Mexico is now near zero.


KAINE: But we do need border security. And we did that in the Senate in a bipartisan way and the Republican House blocked us from doing the border security investments. We're going to make a run at this in the first 100 days and I think the American public in the November election is going to send a mandate that we want to do an immigration reform bill that's comprehensive after 30 years.

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