Biden: Clinton Foundation Will Stop Taking Foreign Donations


NBC's Kasie Hunt interviews Vice President Joe Biden on the rope line after he delivered remarks at a campaign rally in Ohio. Biden said the Clinton Foundation will "stop taking foreign donations."

From NBC News:

KASIE HUNT, NBC NEWS: Hillary Clinton obviously is not out here on the trail, you're here in Ohio. Do you think she needs to be out front with the American people a little bit more?

JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Oh, she is out front with the American people.

HUNT: She's been fundraising for a couple weeks.

BIDEN: Well, you know, she has to, right, but she's also been doing an awful lot of events and what I told her was I'll campaign with her in Scranton, we got a whole bunch of places we're campaigning together, and some places where maybe I can help and not have her have to be with me.

HUNT: Do you think Americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of the Clinton Foundation? Has the Clinton Foundation always been 100 percent ethical in your view?

BIDEN: Biden: Look, I think the Clinton Foundation like all foundations have found themselves in a position where things are changing, and I think she's gonna change and adjust to the realities of, of how complicated it's all become.

HUNT: And is she clearing herself up enough with that, should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now?

BIDEN: Well I think you'll see them stop taking foreign donations.

Watch Biden's full address:

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