MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: A Mental Health Professional Should Diagnose Trump; "I'm Very Serious"


Brzezinski said Monday on "Morning Joe" that "it's time to hear from somebody in the mental health community, to look at this person who has been on television for months and give us a sense of what we have going on here."

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"And, I'm sorry, let's just not, let’s stop pretending we're dealing with someone who we can completely understand," Brzezinski added. "This is not something I'm making a joke about -- I'm serious."

"I’m not saying we should talk to someone in the mental health community for a diagnosis on the air," she added. "That is never what I meant when we had this conversation. But at this point I have been asked so many times that I think it’s worth asking someone in the mental health community if this is someone — are these signs of something that perhaps could lead to a diagnosis? We’ve seen enough of him. It’s repetitive. It’s consistent."

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