Priebus On Race: Time to Start Judging Clinton, Trump By What They Have Actually Done


RNC Chairman Reince Priebus speaks with 'Meet The Press' host Chuck Todd about the Trump campaign.

CHUCK TODD: Let's talk about race. Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot this week. Do you think she's a bigot?

REINCE PRIEBUS: Look, here's what I think: these are not my words. I think that you have to look at people's actions. You look at Donald Trump and you look at his actions and developing and promoting women and breaking a mold in Mar-a-Lago, which today we think is nuts, but 40 years ago he broke the mold in allowing anyone from any background, any faith, any gender, any race into Mar-a-Lago.

You look at Hillary Clinton, she is the one that labeled African-American youth as "super predators." Her campaign and her supporters in her campaign were the one that borne out the birther movement. It was Bill Clinton in her campaign in 2008 that questioned the success of Barack Obama, not based on his talent, but based on his race. It was their campaign. Why can't we start judging these people based on what they actually did? She gave out state secrets; she talked about race in a way that's unacceptable.

Chuck Todd's full interview Sunday with Priebus:

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