Primary Challenger: McCain Is Going To Be 80 And I Want To Give Him The Gift Of Retirement


Former Arizona State Sen. Kelli Ward appears on Thursday's Meet The Press Daily to make her case against incumbent U.S. Senator John McCain. Ward is challenging McCain in the Republican primary.

Ward said McCain has "gotten weak, he's gotten old" and as a physician "I do know what happens to the body and the mind at the end of life."

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: You've had some tough words on John McCain. If you don't win the primary, are you going to support him in the general?

WARD: You know, I probably will. We will see. We will see. But I don't plan to lose the primary or the general. I'm actually the only Republican that can win in the general election.

John McCain is falling down on the job. He has gotten weak. He has gotten old. I do want to wish him a happy birthday. He is going to be 80 on Monday and I want to give him the best birthday present ever, the gift of retirement.

TODD: That's a -- so you think he is too old to serve in the Senate?

WARD: You know, I think anybody who has been in Washington for almost 40 years has been there too long.

TODD: But you brought up his age. That's a tough attack.

WARD: Well, I mean, I'm a physician. I see the physiological changes that happen in normal aging, in patients again and again and again over the last 20, 25 years. So I do know what happens to the body and the mind at the end of life.

TODD: So you're diagnosing -- you feel comfortable diagnosing him on air like this?

WARD: Diagnosing him as an 80-year-old man, yes, I do.

TODD: All right, Kelli Ward, I will leave it there. Stay safe on the trail. We'll be watching next Tuesday.

WARD: Thanks, Chuck.

TODD: You got it.

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