Jorge Ramos: "Neutrality Is Not An Option" For Journalists With Donald Trump


JORGE RAMOS: There are certain instances in which you have to take a stand. For instance, you did it. In that first question in that first debate when Donald Trump was confronted with the fact that he had insulted women and you took a stand, that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm not saying we should put aside objectivity; I am saying neutrality is not an option.

MEGYN KELLY: Let me ask you about that, Jorge, because that was not me taking a stand. That was me taking a question. I identified an issue and found it worthy of a question. It wasn't 'Here's what Megyn Kelly thinks of you, Donald Trump.' Is that what you're advocating, that we as journalists should inject our opinions and say that's racist or that's sexist?

RAMOS: No, what I am saying in certain instances that I just mentioned -- including racism, sexism, and discrimination -- I think we have to take a stand.

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