Sen. Jeff Sessions: "Donald Trump Is Moving Us In The Right Direction" On Immigration


Sen. Jeff Sessions explained his continued support for Donald Trump's immigration plan Thursday morning on 'Fox & Friends.'

"Weakness in so many of the [immigration] plans offered over the years is they give amnesty first and promise enforcement in the future," Sessions said. "Trump is saying: Let's fix this problem. And then we'll rustle with people who have been here a long time."

"If you want to secure the border and improve our immigration system, fix it, there is only one way to vote in November," he said.

JEFF SESSIONS: The important thing is to focus first and foremost on a lawful system that protects the interests of the American people first. If you enter into the country unlawfully, you’re subject to being deported. That’s just what the law has always been. But we have this large number of people that have been here a very long time so I think what he’s saying is, let’s prove the weakness in so many of the plans that have been operated over the years is that they’ve given amnesty first and promised enforcement in the future. He’s saying let’s fix this problem, let’s fix it and then we’ll wrestle with people who have been here a long time. I think that’s the right approach. I can be supportive of that. But you have to be careful because you have the rule of law and we had this amnesty in ’86 and for the people who were given amnesty they promised enforcement...

We went from 3 million at that amnesty to 11 million now. You cannot do that in the future and it’s not easy. You’ve got to be careful how you handle it and we’ve got to work our way through it. It’s just central for America; I think Donald Trump is moving us in the right direction. If you want to secure the border and improve our immigration system and fix it there’s only one way to vote in November. Hillary Clinton is extreme. I mean she wants to take instead of 10,000 refugees from Syria, 65,000. She wants to increase refugees across the board and her policies actually undermine enforcement – they just cannot work. So this is open borders really versus a real establishment of law.

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