Krauthammer: Trump Immigration Stance Exactly What He Denounced Bush, Soft-Liners For Taking


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Jeb is absolutely right. This is the position of the Gang of Eight. The position that we've now heard adopted by Trump is the position of Rubio and Jeb and you could say Chuck Schumer. To say this is ambiguity I think is not quite right. There is nothing quite ambiguous about wanting to have a deportation force to expel 11 million people.

He was very clear about that again and again.

He didn't have specifics because he never has specifics for anything. But that was his position. His position was not that today. You watch him on Hannity, he is saying, you know, people have been here 20 years, you don't want to kick them out. They've got children. They've got roots. This is exactly the argument that the soft-liners on immigration have been taking. And that Trump had denounced and beyond denouncing ridiculed.

Remember, he once said if I went out on Fifth Avenue and I shot somebody I wouldn't lose any supporters? Well, now it's if I went out and completely reversed position on immigration, which was the central issue in my campaign, I wouldn't lose anybody. Well, let's see whether that's true.

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