Conway to Cuomo: "Donald Trump Is Against Amnesty And I'm Against Amnesty"


Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is grilled by CNN's Chris Cuomo on Donald Trump's "softening" position on immigration on Thursday's edition of New Day. Transcript, via CNN:

CUOMO: Let's talk about what the campaign is saying on immigration. I see the Conway effect. There is a shift in his talk about immigration. No more round them all up, I'm going to put out an agency to go and find them, the way he was bashing Ted Cruz, bashing Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for their positions, which sound a lot like what he was saying last night. Why is he changing his position and what are you trying to achieve?

CONWAY: Well, Donald Trump’s against amnesty and I'm against amnesty, not that anybody should care what a consultant thinks.

CUOMO: Steve King, who we both know well, would call what he said last night amnesty. Working one undocumented people in any way would be considered amnesty. And that's what Trump was saying all along. Now he’s saying something different. Why?

CONWAY: So let me tell you what his plan is, because this helps the voters understand where Donald Trump is on immigration. It is this week what it’s always been, no amnesty, no sanctuary cities so that innocent victims like Kate Steinle, who was murdered right in front of her father in San Francisco over a year ago, Chris, by a man who had been deported five times. That should outrage everyone in this country, regardless of their political affiliation.

Hillary Clinton is for sanctuary cities. She’s for catch and release. She’s for open borders. She’s actually considerably to the left of President Obama on the issue of immigration. And the only way that the voters are going to know that is if we tell them because she won't. She’s hiding from that.

No amnesty from him. No open borders. Secure the border. Build the wall. Have Mexico pay for it. No sanctuary cities. Get these businesses to register for e-verify to put -- make them more accountable. You can't just look at somebody's document and then look the other way and wash your hands clean.

CUOMO: But that's no different than what Cruz, Rubio and Bush wanted to do.

CONWAY: No, no, no, it is different. I -- no, it is different.


CONWAY: Rubio's plan was -- was much more -- seemed much more -- this man is not for amnesty. And -- and he also --

CUOMO: Neither is Rubio.

CONWAY: And, look -- well, that --

CUOMO: No, I mean what they said was, work with them. You can’t deport everybody. You can’t break up these families. Donald Trump said exactly that last night.

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