Rebecca Berg: When Clinton Says Trump Embraces The "Alt-Right," It Is A Code Word For White Nationalism


On a panel on CNN's 'The Situation Room,' RCP reporter Rebecca Berg discusses the speech Hillary Clinton is planning to give on Thursday about Donald Trump's embrace of the "alt-right."

REBECCA BERG, REALCLEARPOLITICS: What she is saying by just using that term, it is basically a code word for white nationalism. White supremacism, if you take it to the extreme. It is astounding that Hillary Clinton is saying that Donald Trump is purposefully trying to sow racial division for his own personal gain. That we're having this discussion among two major party nominees, it is very astounding language that she is using.

I will be interested to see what the reception is.

But it goes to her larger point that she has been trying to make that fundamentally Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency.

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