Kirsten Powers: "An Element of Sexism" In Questioning Hillary Clinton's Health


KIRSTEN POWERS, CNN: I guess I have to ask why is there any concern about her health? And the only reason there is any concern about her health is because Donald Trump has sort of started his trutherism on Hillary Clinton's health. There's nothing to suggest she doesn't have stamina. I mean, honestly, I don't even know if I could do the schedule that she keeps. There's nothing to suggest that she has any kind of problems with her stamina, with her health, with her mental health.

CAMEROTA: Well, she had that fall. I mean, this is the thing. She had a fall years ago and then she wore those big, sort of, Coke-bottle glasses and so they feel that there's a germ of maybe she had a mental -- maybe her concussion caused some sort of brain something?

POWERS: Yes, but what is that based on? There's nothing -- there's nothing to suggest that she's having any problems healthwise. And so, even this picture that's been circulating where somebody's helping her up the stairs, OK, so what if she fell down?

Or there's another email from Sidney Blumenthal where he refers to her getting rest because she's not feeling well and at the end of it he says get well. Well, nobody says get well to somebody who's seriously ill. That's not what you say.

So the things that they're pointing to I don't think support it. And, honestly, I think there's an element of sexism to this.

CAMEROTA: How's that?

POWERS: The way that they've talked about her, you know -- the way you watch "Drudge" posting things about granny and grandma. Well, Donald Trump's a grandpa so what's the idea here? That someone because she's a woman and she's a grandma that she's frail?

But he's this robust person who, according to the doctor, is in astonishingly excellent health, which is already, in itself, a kind of strange thing for a doctor to be saying. So I think that it's a really low blow attack against her.

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