Rendell: Clintons Should Set Up "The Strongest Chinese Wall" Between Politics and Foundation Fundraising


Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell comments on the suggestion that the Clintons should shut down the Clinton Foundation.

"We miss the forest for the trees," he said. "The Clinton Foundation has saved 15 million children... from death."

"The [Clinton] Foundation has done incredible good things, we need to focus on that. If you ask the people of the world, do you want the Clinton Foundation shut down? They'd give you a resounding no because of the good that it has done."

"Now, should there be a wall between the Clintons and any fundraising going forward?" he noted. "I think so, absolutely. I would set up the strongest Chinese wall they could."

"Could it be turned over to partners or people of trust to run for the next four or eight years if the Secretary [of State] becomes president without any knowledge? Yes, I think that can be done. But we don't to want lose the good work of the Clinton Foundation anymore than we to want lose the good work of George W. Bush's foundation has done. Two things that have created incredible goodwill for America and incredibly good for the world," he added.

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