Conway: Trump Will Deport Those Who Have Been Convicted Of Crime, Build Wall


Megyn Kelly grills Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on illegal immigration and deportation.

MEGYN KELLY: Forget what he said or didn't say or the Buzzfeed reporting, the Univision reporting. The question is whether is he still going to deport the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: So this is what he has said. He has said whether it's his speech last month at the convention which everybody can pull and read or what he said in the private meetings that somehow got reported, I think, and distorted by those who weren't in attendance, I was there, is basically the same and he said it today in Ohio.

Megyn, what he's saying is first secure the borders and actually apply and enforce the law... if we actually enforce immigration laws, a lot of this starts to change. Secondly, you have to deport those who have committed crimes. That certainly is nowhere near --

MEGYN KELLY: But before -- but that is all sort of generic republican talk. many republicans have said --

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Maybe they didn't mean it.

MEGYN KELLY: That's what people are wondering, whether Trump means it. In the primary season, he came out and said he would favor a deportation force. He was pretty explicit about that. And so now the question is, is there doubt about that?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: I think a deportation force is more the logistics, in other words, how do you achieve the goal of making sure we are fair to everyone? I think too much of the conversation is always about what's fair to the illegal immigrants? What about what's fair to the American workers?

MEGYN KELLY: So they are going to be deported? The the 11 million are going to be deported?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Here is what he said about that. He will enforce the law, which will take care of a lot of that. He will deport those who have absolutely committed a crime, being convicted of a crime. He will make sure that American jobs are protected. He will absolutely build that wall.

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