Giuliani: Clinton A Feminist "Except When It Comes to Her Husband" And Women She Has Attacked


SHANNON BREAM, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Mayor, do you think he can win over his critics, convince them he's truly sorry?

FMR. MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI: Well, first of all, I'd like to see her apologize to lying to Gold Star mothers when she gave them a false narrative of how their sons were killed at Benghazi and said it was about a Muhammad video when she darn well knew it was a terrorist attack because she had told her daughter on an email the night before or the night before that.

I'd like to see her apologize for all the money that the Clinton Foundation has been taking, let's say from Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive. You tell me she's a feminist and she takes money from a country where women are not allowed to drive?

You tell me she's a feminist when she spent a great deal of time covering up a lot of the misdeeds of her husband and engaged in a lot of the attacks on the women who were telling the truth? She's a feminist except where it comes to her husband where she attacks the women who are telling the truth about him.

So, she deserves to give the American people an apology. She certainly should give us an apology for having been found completely careless in handling national security information.

Jim Comey said that. She should apologize for lying on this show about what Jim Comey said.

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