Dem Senator Ben Cardin: Clinton Foundation "Needs To Change The Way They Do Business"


On this week's 'Fox News Sunday,' Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), a Clinton supporter, noted that if Hillary Clintin became president, the Clinton Foundation would have to change the way they "do business."

SEN. BEN CARDIN (D-MD): First, let’s recognize what the foundation has been able to do. The Clinton Foundation has been able to help millions of people, over 10 million with HIV/AIDS alone, saved countless lives. It’s extremely important to global health. They’ve done some really great things.

Now with Hillary Clinton being elected president, which we hope she will be, they clearly need to change the way they do business.

They’ve indicated they will.

They’re not going to accept any donations from foreign entities. They’re going to change the way that the Clintons themselves interact with the foundation. Those decisions will be made appropriate to Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.

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