Democrat & Clinton Supporter Maggie Hassan Refuses To Answer If Clinton Is Honest


New Hampshire Governor and Clinton surrogate Maggie Hassan was asked three times in an interview with CNN's Manu Raju whether or not she believes her party's nominee is honest.

“Do you think that she is honest and trustworthy?” asked CNN’s Manu Raju.

“I support Hillary Clinton for the presidency because her experience and her record demonstrate that she is qualified to hold the job,” said Hassan.

“Do you think she is honest?” he asked again.

“She has, um, a critical, critical plan among others for making college more affordable,” Hassan responded.

“But do you think that she is trustworthy?” Raju asked for a third time.

“I think she has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself,” replied Hassan.

"After this interview, Hassan's camapign clarified, saying she does believe Clinton is honest," CNN reported.

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