Panetta: It Is A Wonder The American People Can Want To Support Any Of The Candidates


In an interview with ABC's Martha Raddatz on Sunday's 'This Week,' former CIA director Leon Panetta opines that it is a wonder the American people are supporting either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.

PANETTA: Martha, my experience, having worked under nine presidents, I think the responsibility of a president when they walk into the Oval Office is to earn the trust of the American people. And they earn the trust of the American people by what they do as president.

You know, everything occurs in terms of a political campaign. There are attacks and counterattacks. And it's a wonder, frankly, that the American people you know can look at any of these candidates and want to support them. We have been through this in the past.

But ultimately, when you do elect somebody to be president of the United States, it is then and then only, frankly, that that president begins to earn the trust of the American people. And that's why I believe that Secretary Clinton, because of her judgment, because of her experience, because of her knowledge about world affairs and the issues we confront, that she will bring that kind of leadership to the presidency.

And she ultimately will earn that trust by virtue of what she does not what she says.

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