Bill Clinton: FBI Director's Claim That Hillary Mishandled Classified Info Is A "Load Of Bull"


Former President Bill Clinton told journalists at an 'Asian American Journalists Association' meeting in Las Vegas on Friday that allegations that his wife mishandled classified information as Secretary of State are "A load of bull."

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“First of all, the FBI director said, when he testified before Congress, he had to amend his previous day’s statement that she had never received any emails marked classified,” he said.

He added: "They saw two little notes with a ‘C’ on it — this is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard — that were about telephone calls that she needed to make. The State Department typically puts a little ‘C’ on it to discourage people from discussing it in public in the event the secretary of state, whoever it is, doesn’t make a telephone call. Does that sound threatening to the national security to you?"

"Do you really believe there are 300 career diplomats because that’s how many people were on these emails, all of whom were careless with national security? Do you believe that? Forget about Hillary, forget about her. Is that conceivable?"

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