Krauthammer: Clinton Foundation Not a Charity, "It Was Headquarters Of Clinton Inc." During State Department Tenure


Charles Krauthammer on Hillary Clinton doing Clinton Foundation work at the same time she was running the State Department. Krauthammer also comments on WikiLeaks hinting more e-mails are coming and the irony is only Clinton knows if incriminating evidence would be included in the release of the deleted 30,000+ personal emails. From Thursday night's broadcast of FOX News' Kelly File:

SANDRA SMITH, FOX NEWS: And that's just what we learned in these 44 new e-mails, this latest batch. We know that there's 33,000 that were still never turned over. What's in those?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, then the question is will we get those? Is somebody sitting on them? Is WikiLeaks sitting on them? Are the Russians sitting on them? If they are and they want to either help Trump or hurt her for whatever reason.

And remember Putin has a -- he blamed Hillary herself personally for the demonstrations that followed his electoral victory when he won the presidency, which was obviously a fraud. He blamed her, the propaganda from Russia was blaming her, saying he may have a reason. And if he drops this stuff and you want it to hurt her, what would you do? You would do it in the middle, the end of October when there's no time to respond and it could explode her candidacy.

SANDRA SMITH: Well, and to be clear, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has hinted that that may happen. He told a competing network that he might release, quote, "a lot more material," noting that they are having so much political impact in the United States. It was almost a hint that this is coming.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, it could be a bluff. We never know. The irony is she would know. She would know generally speaking what was in those e-mails and whether there is incriminating evidence, whether there was a quid pro quo. I doubt she would have put that in writing, but I could imagine that some of the stuff between staff at the foundation, staff at the State Department would give indications of favors. And if it came out en masse among the 30,000 e-mails, I think it could have a very negative effect, a catastrophic effect on her candidacy.

SANDRA SMITH: And what do you make, Charles, of this new report out that a top Clinton State Department aide helped the Clinton Foundation -- we're talking about Cheryl Mills, chief of staff for Hillary Clinton while at the State Department -- that she got on a train, went to New York, and conducted interviews for the Clinton family foundation for a person to run it.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I hadn't heard that, but assuming it's true from a reliable source, it's simply a symbol of what the entire operation was. People were coming in and out of the foundation. They were giving their cronies, their lackeys jobs there, holding operation.

They had $50 million in travel expenses, and this is supposed to be a charity. It was not a charity. It was a sort of headquarters of Clinton Inc., and the fact that they did not draw a strict line between State Department and the foundation is, to me, astonishing not because it's quite politically amoral, but because it is so stupid. It's so easy to discover and, in the end, so distasteful that if you know you're going to run for the presidency, which I assume she did, then it makes no sense. But they did it.

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