A.B. Stoddard: Democrats Have Their "Heads In The Sand" About Clinton Foundation


On Thursday's 'Special Report' panel on Fox News Channel, RCP associate editor A.B. Stoddard commented on the " possibility of a big document dump of emails" proving pay-to-play activity at the Clinton Foundation during Hillary's time as Secretary of State.

STODDARD: Huma Abedin ended up with four payrolls — four paychecks from a private firm, from the State Department, from the foundation, and probably personal funds from the Clinton family, as well, but she’s sort of the worst case example. But all of them have interwoven interests and potential conflicts that are overlapping, and it’s clear that you don’t have to read the book to know that the foundation was tied into her tenure at the State Department.

Any Democrat who doesn’t believe there is a possibility of a big document dump of emails indicating that there — this kind of access was provided, and I’m not even talking about, maybe favors on policy prescriptions were not provided, but any kind of pattern of access and pattern of just answering people’s questions who were donors really could end her candidacy, and if they don’t think that that could happen, they have their — Democrats have their head in the sand.

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