Ron Fournier: Clinton Server Was "All About" The Clinton Foundation And Pay-to-Play For Donors


Senior political columnist for the National Journal Ron Fournier said on Wednesday's Morning Joe that the Clinton private server "was all about the [Clinton] Foundation" and "the blurring of lines between their political and professional lives."

RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: People very close to the Clintons, including a source who’s working with the Clintons for more than two decades who told me the week that the New York Times exposed this rogue server that what this was all about was the foundation, that — the blurring of the lines between their political and professional lives. That’s what was in the emails, was sort of — look for the pay to play. This kind of favor-giving...

This should be blowing everything out of the water, and it’s not, because Donald Trump yesterday suggested that Hillary Clinton should be shot for her political views. This is a guy who has talked about violence, in the past, before, whose explanation for his remarks yesterday do not hold water, as you’ve been talking about for the last hour and ten minutes. And until and unless he condemns violence against his opponent, and apologizes for his remark, he is, in fact, encouraging violence. that is what he’s doing. And that is totally unacceptable and that is the biggest story today, and that should be. There’s no equivalence between these two stories.

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