Trump on Orlando Shooter's Father at Clinton Rally: If That Were Me, It Would Be A Headline All Over The World


Donald Trump brief addresses Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen, attending a Hillary Clinton rally in Florida where he stood behind the candidate. Trump said there is a "double standard" and if it were him, "this would be a headline all over the world."

"I heard about that, and I saw the picture of him with the red hat, but it didn't have "Make America Great Again" on it by the way. And [Clinton] did not disavow. If that were me, this would be a headline all over the world about Trump. But she did not, as I understand it, disavow this man. He's got some pretty harsh views. So I think it's -- look, it's a whole double standard, but we're punching through it, and I think the people understand. I really think the people understand," Trump said in an interview Tuesday night with FOX News' Sean Hannity.

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