Orlando Shooter's Father Attends Rally For Clinton: "It's a Democratic Party, So Everyone Can Join"


Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando gay nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, attended a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Fla. Monday night and talked to the media afterward. WPTV-TV, the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, caught up with him after the rally and talked to him about the election. Mateen was holding up a banner that read Clinton was "good for national security."

"Clinton is good for United States. Versus Donald Trump," Mateen said in the interview.

When asked if people should be surprised that he was in the Orlando area he answered, "Why?"

WPTV: Did Hillary Clinton's campaign know that you were going to that event and sitting right directly behind her?

MATEEN: It's a Democratic party, so everybody can join.

WPTV: Do you think that some people will be surprised to know and to see that you were there in Orlando, or near Orlando?

MATEEN: Why? They shouldn't be surprised. I love United States. And I've been living here for long time.

Mateen held a sign that read:

Hillary Clinton:
- Makes the biggest investment since WWII.
- Good for national security.
- Ex-CIA Chief Morell: "Hillary told the truth about Benghazi"
-Gun Control Laws

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