Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton Setting "Trap" For Trump With Orlando Shooter's Father at Rally


RUSH LIMBAUGH: There's a big... Eh, call it a news story. There's a big deal floating around that the father of Omar Mateen, the Islamist supremacist who blew up the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, apparently this guy... Well, not apparently. He did. The father of Omar Siddiqui Mateen went to a Hillary Clinton rally yesterday and was seated right behind her, and everybody's noticed this, and a lot of people are talking. CNN's trying to cover it up. "No big deal there! Nothing to see here!"

But people are wondering, "What in the world's going on?" My take on this is somebody had better get to Trump and tell him not to talk about this. I think it's another setup. I think it's a trap. I think putting this guy's dad there and having everybody... When the Drive-By Media starts talking about this, they are trying to once again sucker Trump into making some kind of comment that's gonna occupy the news for a week. Why in the world would Hillary Clinton want this guy's dad's support?

The story is that she didn't know and that some staffer screwed up. It had to be that some staffer who put the event together and really screwed up. Yeah, well, who told the media he was there? Everything I've gathered is it was a local Florida TV station that noticed it first and ran around and started asking people, but how in the world does that happen? "Are you saying, Rush, you don't think that they should try to make political hay out?" Well, you can go ahead and try, but you better... Okay, so the guy's father is sitting behind Hillary.

So the guy who blew up the Pulse nightclub is a big Democrat supporter, loves Hillary Clinton. Fine. Say that. But I just... Given what happened with the Khans and knowing full-well how the Democrat Party operates here, this thing reeks of a potential... I'm not saying that it is, but I'm saying it reeks of bait that once again the Democrats or somebody is hoping that Trump will use this or see this and make some flippant, offhand comment that can be portrayed as bashing or insulting to Muslims.

I can't imagine Hillary Clinton wants this story out in Florida for the LGBTQ to see, absent a Trump comment about it that she could bash...

Now, is Hillary going to be asked by the media to denounce Siddiqui Mateen? Is Hillary going to be asked to distance herself from him? (interruption) What do you mean, why? Well, the Drive-Bys went out there and demanded that Donald Trump denounce David Duke. (interruption) What do you mean, "Well"? (laughing) I'm speaking rhetorically. I, of course, know the media is not going to cover it. The media is gonna turn this guy into a hero. The media's gonna turn this into, "See? See? It couldn't have been this man that inspired Siddiqui!

"Therefore, it couldn't have been Islam." That's what this guy's support for Hillary does. It enables everybody to say, "Ah see? This guy, he was a one-off lunatic. He was so deranged -- he was seriously, sadly unbalanced -- it had nothing to do with Islam. Why, he blew up the gay bar in Orlando because... After all, look! His father is a brilliant man. He supports Hillary Clinton and understands how great she will be for the world and so forth and so on."

Meanwhile, Hillary's campaign is claiming they didn't know that this guy was a supporter. She began her remarks at this event... By the way, by the way, I have not been able to confirm this. There is so much out there. But apparently there were only 150 people at this rally, and Drive-By news organizations have actually Photoshopped pictures -- still shots -- to make it look like thousands were there. But it's been claimed by a couple places. I'm not quite comfortable in saying, "Yep, that's exactly what happened!"


I just want to reiterate to you that I'm not sure I buy this that it was a screw up. I think that this could be -- could have been -- an attempt at putting Khizr Khan Jr. up there. This could have been a potential trap to lure Trump into making what they think is another impolitic, inappropriate comment so that they could... I mean, that's how these people operate, and I wouldn't put that past the Clinton campaign or anybody running it for a moment.

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