Hannity: Never Trump People Will Be Responsible For Hillary Clinton's Supreme Court Picks, Slew of Refugees


Sean Hannity comes out swinging against Republican national security "experts" signing a letter opposing Trump and the Never Trump crowd in general. On his FOX News program Hannity, the host said the Never Trump people will have to take responsibility for a Hillary Clinton presidency, her Supreme Court picks and "unvetted" refugees entering the country.

"For all those people that say they're Republicans, that just -- we went down the entire list of differences now between you and Hillary. And if they're going to stay, you know, on this Never Trump thing, they're responsible for her Supreme Court picks. They're responsible for the refugees that are unvetted. They will be responsible for whatever illegal immigrants do. They'll be responsible when we have a depleted military and a crisis comes. So I think this is a very -- this is a compare and contrast election to me. Very different visions for the country," Hannity said Tuesday night.

Republican presidential nominee Trump called the so-called experts "hangers on" who "couldn't make a living in the private sector."

"These are terrible people," Trump responded. "Look, these are terrible people. They're not endorsing because I don't want them. The people that are there now, I don't want. Look at the world. Look at what's gone on with the Middle East. I mean it's a mess. These are the people that are advising. These are the advisors. These are hangers on. They couldn't make a living in the regular private sector frankly, and they know I don't want them. I've never spoken to these people. I don't know who these people are. Look, these people are not the kind of people we want."

"These are people that have give us a messed up world," Trump said. "You look at North Korea. you look at the Middle East. You look at every single thing we're doing. It's a mess."

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