WSJ's Henninger: Trump Delivered "Excellent Speech" About Economy; Now His Task Is To Stay On Message


Deputy editorial page editor for the Wall Street Journal Dan Henninger reacts to Donald Trump's economic policy address in Detroit.

HENNINGER: I thought on balance it was an excellent speech. Look at the two things that people have most on their minds. The primary exit polls showed that people have most anxiety --on the Democrat and Republican sides-- about the economy. Another thing that has come out of the polls is that between 60-70% of the American people think the country is on the wrong track. As a political matter, Trump's speech addressed both of those issues, by linking Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and the economic policies of the past, making people feel anxious. And then proposing a fairly detailed agenda going foward, and as he says, that one great phrase: Make America Great Again.

Instinctively that is a lot of what voters want to do, he has finally given them a path forward to that goal...

I think this was the first important step in a big uphill comeback for Donald Trump. The question now is whether he will stay on message, whether he can go around the country basically repeating this message, giving people some hope and some details of his economic plan... These are things that will appeal to families, to small businessmen and to corporate types.

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