Gingrich vs. Rep. Bacerra on 'FOX News Sunday': Melania Trump Only Immigrant In America You Are Worried About


Former House Speaker and Trump supporter Newt Gingrich and Clinton surrogate Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Cali.) debate Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the FBI investigation into her private server, immigration, the economy and more on Sunday's edition of FOX News Sunday with moderator Chris Wallace. Transcript, via FOX News:

BECERRA: After 30,000 e-mails have been disclosed, what we don't yet know is one tax return from Donald Trump, we don't yet know how his wife gained her immigration status --

GINGRICH: That is not true. That is not true.

BECERRA: It's time for Donald Trump to start providing one iota of information on the tax returns, which he's never agreed to do.

GINGRICH: OK. First of all, we know that his wife had a green card before she met him. She came here --


BECERRA: How did she get the green card?

GINGRICH: She came here legally.

BECERRA: How did she get the green card?

GINGRICH: She came here legally.

BECERRA: How did she get the green card?

GINGRICH: She applied for a green card. She didn't know Donald Trump.


BECERRA: Because she had been here before she came to work.

GINGRICH: And then she came here and decided she want to stay and work.


GINGRICH: This is the only immigrant in America you're worried about. I think it's amazing the one person you decide to pick on happens to the wife of Donald Trump.

BECERRA: Interesting that the immigrant basher is unwilling how his wife, an immigrant, got gained her status.

GINGRICH: First of all, he’s not an immigrant basher. His mother was a legal immigrant. His wife is a legal immigrant. He employs legal immigrants. He just likes his immigrants to be legal.

BECERRA: It’s great for Mrs. Trump to have her status and her citizenship. I have no problems with that. I’m the son of immigrants, but what does concern me is when some guy goes out and bashes immigrants, not only undocumented, but legal immigrants and won't explain how his wife gained her legal status --

WALLACE: I think we have made the point. Let's turn to the economy, kind of a big issue.

Gingrich: He just likes his immigrants to be legal

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