Paul Ryan: Nehlen Claims "Factually Inaccurate," His "Hoax Campaign" Is Run By "Scam PACs" and Out Of State Interlopers


House Speaker Paul Ryan responds to primary challenger Paul Nehlen attacking him for having a "border wall around his mansion," but opposing a wall to protect the country. "Having a fence is not a bad idea" for a homeowner with three dogs, Ryan said.

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PAUL RYAN: I hate to even give such comments currency by even talking about them. This is not conservatism, this is not the Constitution, this is not the Bill of Rights. Let's be clear here...

I think they call this 'alt-conservativsm' --


RYAN: Yes, alt-right. This is not Wisconsin. This is not Wisconsin conservatives, Wisconsin Republicans. And that kind of dark, grim, indefensible comment is just going to be thoroughly rejected and repudiated on Thursday I beleive. I have a hard time understanding the thinking behind it. But unfortunately we see some of it these days, and I don't think people are going to fall for it...

CHARLIE SYKES: Paul Nehlen has said some rather remarkable things about you, including that you are a man without a soul.

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SYKES: He had a press conference the other day where he said that that you were pushing this spending bill last year with a plan to radically expand foreign worker programs and refugee resettlement. He says you support unlimited Muslim immigration. He says you are a man who protects his family with a border wall around your mansion, but refuse to build a border wall for the country. Your response?

PAUL RYAN: All of which are fundamental and thoroughly untrue. I might go through each one of those if you want. By the way if you've got 3 kids and 3 dogs having a fence around your yard is not a bad idea. Paricularly one that was built 50 years ago by the prior homeowner. My wife and I live in the ehart of downtown Janesville on the block I grew up on. I am actually a Wisconsinite. I am actually from here.

All those other issues are just factually inaccurate with respect to provisions, there's no such thing as few as he described it in the bill, the ombinus bill. In fact, we added more than 1000 border patrol agents to the border, and as you know I was a big supporter of the fence to stop illegal immigration legislation including the fence. I'm not for the open border.

But that's what this guy does, he just makes it up, it is a hoax campaign run by scam PACs and out-of-state interlopers. Out-of-state people trying to basically whip things up, make some money and then close up shop and move on to the next race...

I don't think the people of Wisconsin are going to fall for it. We didn't fall for the recalls to try and take away Scott Walker and the legislature to beat David Glasser I don't think people here in Wisconsin are going to fall for it.

SYKES: There is this sort of drum beat that you hear from the alt-right media, that you support unlimited refugee resettlement, unlimited Muslim immigration.

PAUL RYAN: They are just making this stuff up... You all know I am not for open borders. It is amazing that I even have to say this!

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