Anti-Trump GOP Strategist Dan Senor Pushes For Gary Johnson to Appear On Debate Stage


Bush 43 and Romney 2008 veteran Dan Senor says he doesn't like the libertarian ticket but says Gary Johnson should appear on the debate stage with Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Senor said Trump does not have the integrity to be president.

"There has been a striking consistency to Donald Trump's behavior over the last year and even before that," Senor observed Friday morning on MSNBC. "The birther attacks against Barack Obama. At any time anybody following this closely can they honestly believe that Donald Trump has the temperament or values or the character or the integrity to be president of the United States? No."

A concerned Senor said Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson is "missing an opportunity to reach out to conservative voters."

"I don't like Gary Johnson," Senor said. "I don't like the things he's been saying, particularly the last few days, but he and [William] Weld are missing an opportunity to reach out to conservative voters. I think if they changed their focus there is a lot of conservative voters they could pick up."

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