Paul Ryan Challenger Nehlen: He "Took Money Away From Veterans and Gave It To Illegal Immigrants"


Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in the Republican primary for the 1st Congressional district of Wisconsin, told FOX News Thursday morning that Ryan takes care of "hedgefund people and illegal aliens" before veterans and citizens. Nehlen recounted a story where a veteran went to Capitol Hill to confront Paul Ryan and demand he put "veterans first."

"What is one of the first things that Speaker Ryan did in office?" Nehlen rhetorically asked. "He took money from omnibus, took money away from veterans and gave it to illegal aliens."

"How did he do that?" FOX & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked.

"He took money away from the veterans," Nehlen responded. "It's a matter of public record. He then engineered a bailout for Puerto Rico for the very wealthy mall owners in Puerto Rico and what ended up happening there is those are the same people who are funding amnesty. So a Navy SEAL goes to Washington and asked him to take care of veterans first, and what does he do? He takes care of hedge fund people and he takes care of illegal aliens."

Nehlen also accused Ryan of having his "strings being pulled by people who benefited from the Puerto Rico bailout."

"Who is he hanging out with? He's got his strings being pulled by Paul Singer, one of these hedgefund investors who benefited from the Puerto Rico bailout. And Wisconsin pensioners, actually, are the ones who had a lot of money tied up in those bonds that were in Puerto Rico."

Citing close advisors such as Dan Senor, a Republican operative opposed to Trump, Nehlen said Paul Ryan's slogan should be "I'm With Her" because he's "certainly not with Donald Trump."

"I'm not surprised that Trump says he's not quite there yet because what Paul Ryan is doing is borderline treasonous. When you absolutely take money away from veterans and give it to people like Paul Singer and illegal aliens, I'm not surprised at all that Mr. Trump is not there yet with Paul Ryan.

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