Pat Smith: Hillary Clinton "Treats Me Like Dirt," She Thinks I'm "Nobody"


Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, was a guest on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. She discussed her speech at the Republican National Convention and what she would like to ask Hillary Clinton.

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" I went on national TV, and I begged her, please, tell me what happened. And she doesn’t answer. Nothing. I begged her to tell me. She doesn’t talk to me. I’m a nobody. I’m a very non-important nobody that she doesn’t have to, because she is Hillary," Smith said about Hillary Clinton.

“But no, she won’t do that, because she’s Hillary,” she said. “And the only thing I know about this is what the security guards told me. And that’s what the ones who pulled my son out from a burning building told me. But Hillary won’t, because it was still, as far as she’s concerned, it was still part of the video.”

“I asked her, ‘What video? I don’t know anything about a video. Nobody told me anything about that.’ And she says, well, she’s gonna check into everything, and if it’s any different than the video, she will get back to me and let me know. And from that moment on, I am not to be talked to by the State Department,” she said. “Every time I called, which was many times, they told me I am not a part of the immediate family, and they don’t have to tell me. This is what I get from the State Department to this day. And I’m still begging her, just tell me what it is. If it’s so darn secret, I won’t tell anybody anything. Just tell me what happened, so I understand.”

When Bannon asked Smith if Clinton was calling her a liar, she replied: “You betcha she is."

“You betcha. And she is the one that remembers everything, I’m not, right? Everything that I said is incorrect, because she remembers it the way she wants to remember it. No. I know what she told me. I know what she told me, and she stressed it. Then I went around the room talking to the other people that were there, Obama and Panetta and all the rest, and I asked them the same thing. And you know, they told me the exact same thing: it was the fault of the video.”

Audio via Breitbart

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