The Young Turks: Obama Is "Unapologetic" And "Deceitful" In His Support For TPP


TYT: 'The Young Turks' hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola list the number of reasons President Obama was wrong in his approach on messaging the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). They specifically criticize the lack of transparency on the deal and lack of specificity from President Obama’s speech.

Kasparian points out that Obama was condescending in his message summing it up as, ‘I like TPP and I know better than you.’ She adds that two weak points of TPP, which Obama didn’t address, are the impact on pharmaceutical drugs and manufacturers in the United States.

She explains that generic versions of the drugs could be delayed with TPP, affecting people who can’t afford non-generic versions of the drug.

Iadarola adds another fault with Obama’s phrasing, “You’re either for this or you’re against globalization…’you can’t stop this,’ this has to happen, without providing any evidence that we can’t simply wait another year.”

Perhaps this is a tactic to help Hillary Clinton on this issue since Obama has no more races to run.

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