State Department's Kirby Grilled: Timing Between Payment To Iran And Release Of Hostages "Coincidental"


Fox News Channel host Bill Hemmer questions State Dept. spokesman John Kirby about a report in the Wall Street Journal that the Obama administration airlifted $400 million to Iran at the same time that four detained Americans were released.

JOHN KIRBY, STATE DEPT: What I can tell you is there is no secret about it. The president spoke about it in January, the secretary spoke about it, I spoke about it. Everybody has been up front and honest about what happened, why it happened. And by the way, the team that was negotiating the release of our Americans, was a completely separate team than the one negotiating in The Hague; it was a completely separate process. Though simultaneously done, the timing is all coincidental.

BILL HEMMER: This is from the Wall Street Journal, this is very important now, okay? In the story today it talks about Iranian press reports. Straight out of Tehran, they've quoted senior Iranian defense officials saying that this was a ransom payment. Are they wrong?

KIRBY: Yes they are! They're absolutely wrong! Completely wrong!

Look, you can believe us, who have talked about this on camera and on the record since January, or you can believe unnamed anonymous defense officials from Iran. You choose who is more credible.

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