Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman: Why I Gave My Purple Heart to Donald Trump


LT. COL. LOUIS DORFMAN: Well, it wasn’t an easy decision because that was something that is very precious to me and, but I thought that he was gonna make a very good commander-in-chief and I wanted him to have that medal in his hand to remember all the people that have fought and died for this country. You know, veteran cemeteries are full of people that have fought and died for this country and there’s a lot of people walking around the streets with hidden injuries like myself. If you look at myself, you wouldn’t tell that I was injured because it’s all internal and I just want him to remember that...

It was my real Purple Heart. I showed – I had two Purple Hearts with me. I had my original in my pocket and I had another one that I was showing in case it got damaged or lost or snatched or whatever the case may be, I wanted him to have my real Purple Heart… which I gave him...

I had a very genuine look, moment, contact, eye to eye for just a brief moment with Donald Trump and I felt he took it in the manner of which I gave it. It wasn’t, like you know he was making a statement that he got it in an easy way but that wasn’t what exactly I don’t think he meant. He meant it was easier for him to take it from me than all the people that earned that medal.

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