Kurtz: Pundits Questioning Trump's Sanity May Need To Take A Look At Their Mental Faculties


FOX News media analyst Howard Kurtz addresses Eugene Robinson's column where he questions Donald Trump's mental stability. Kurtz also takes a lot at other pundits and politicos saying similar things. Kurtz said voters may be saying it is the pundits who are "a little bit off" when it comes to having full control of their mental faculties. Rep. Karen Bass (D-California), for example, has set up a petition demanding Trump be diagnosed for 'narcissistic personality disorder.'

"Trump has dominated the coverage of this campaign," Kurtz said Wednesday. "He continues to dominate. Gingrich is right. There is a lot of media bias on the right, by the way as well as the left. But also Trump is making mistakes that fuels the coverage. The controversy over the Khans is the classic example, should have been a one or two day story. Got a lot of rocket fuel after Khans spoke at Democratic Convention became a story that is still raging today because of Trump's decision, ill-advised, in my view to, to criticize a Gold Star family. So it's a combination of Trump's mistakes, media seizing on that."

"Now we've reached a point where we're saying is he crazy? I think some people may be saying, hey, you pundits you might be a little bit off when it comes to having full control of your faculties," Kurtz said.

Kurtz: Is media coverage of Trump turning insane?

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