Trump Says Clinton "Only Knows How To Lie" As Crowd Chants "Lock Her Up"


DONALD TRUMP, ASHBURN, VA: I can't imagine that the people of Loudoun [County] are going to be voting for Crooked Hillary Clinton. She doesn't do anything. Because I've --

AUDIENCE CHANTS: Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

TRUMP: Did you see over the weekend, on Fox, Chris Wallace where she lied, where she said the FBI Director said like everything was just perfect.

It wasn't exactly -- I mean, she lied. She only knows to lie. But she lied and it's a big story. It's become a big story. That's amazing. It's amazing that they cover it, because the press is so totally dishonest. So totally dishonest. And there is nothing like it. I've never seen dishonesty like that. And they're pushing her like crazy, because it's establishment stuff, and we have to make a change. You know, she is now calling herself an agent of change. She's been doing this for 30 years. You know, numbers just came out for her where she raised like $60 million and 20 people gave it... I'm going to get a list of those 20 people.

Oh, those 20 people, I want to find out who they are.

I want to find out how many I know... But I'll tell you what, 20 people gave her $60 million.

And that's what I've been saying, folks... They own her. They own her. She will do whatever is good for them. If they have a company that wants to move plants into Mexico, she's going to say, first she'll say that's no good. Then she'll say, oh, I see, they helped me. I have to let them do it.

Because her handlers -- that's what they are, handlers. I mean, they write her speeches. They write everything. She doesn't give a talk like this with no teleprompters. She gets up with teleprompters.

She gets up on stage for 20 minutes and reads something. She goes back home and goes to sleep... And that's okay. I'm not knocking it.

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