Navy SEAL: There's Been 3 Elections Since Son Was Killed, Khans "Part Of Clinton Machine"


Former Navy SEAL Team Six Leader Rob O'Neill on the feud between Donald Trump and Khizr Khan. O'Neill led the squad that killed Osama bin Laden and had a kill shot on the terror mastermind. He wrote a book about the operation under the pseudonym Mark Owen.

O'NEILL: ISIS is saying regardless of Mr. Khan the elder saying it's a religion of peace, they are laughing at him saying, 'it's not a religion of peace and your son died an apostate,' who is a non-believer, an infidel. An apostate is a better way to say it...

Mr. Khan should be saying what can we do to defeat this. He is a Muslim, Pakistani born, and all the work that he's done in Saudi Arabia especially with bringing in migrants. We should be using people like Mr. Khan to how are we going to defeat radical Islam rather than yelling at each other back and forth.

LOU DOBBS: But that isn't what he is focusing on unfortunately.

It is unfortunate. They shouldn't be politicizing it. And there was no mistake he came out for the Clintons. He's worked for the Clintons before and there have been three presidential elections since his son was killed. They could have come out for -- this is one he decided to come out for.

This is part of the Clinton machine. There's no mistake that Mr. Trump was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. He's in the Clinton camp as well and this is how Clinton politics work as opposed to going on Hillary's record we're just going to how bad you are.

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