Scarborough: This Weekend Was an Absolute Disaster For Donald Trump, And Then I Saw Hillary Clinton


MSNBC: Donald Trump had a tough interview Sunday with George Stephanopoulos, where he continued discussing the Khan family. The 'Morning Joe' panel digs into Trump's comments.

"I thought this entire weekend was just a disaster for Donald Trump," Scarborough said Monday. "An absolute disaster and then I saw Hillary Clinton on FOX News Sunday saying I never transmitted any classified material. You sat there going who is talking to her. Both of these candidates had horrible performances on the Sunday shows."

Scarborough, referencing Trump's comments on Russia's invasion of Crimea, said the Republican presidential nominee is "getting worse by the day" on foreign policy.

"He seemed not to understand that the Russians already were in Ukraine and then just gave a nonsensical answer. How could a candidate be getting worse by the day?" Scarborough asked.

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