Newt Gingrich: If The World Was Made Up Of Speeches, The Democrats Had a Great Week


NEWT GINGRICH: If the world was made up of speeches, the Democrats had a great week. Cory Booker was terrific, Mihelle Obama was very strong. Bill Clinton was very good with his fairy-tale about a girl who he once met who resembled Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is not a particularly great president, but he is a great orator... But it was a very very solid speech. Nobody should underestimate the degree to which a great number of Americans are proud of the fact that there is a woman nominee of a major party, and that she has earned it by having the sheer guts to slug it out for a long time.

This is a power couple that have been seeking national power for over 40 years, and now you watch Bill and Hillary on the stage... both of them have been dominant figures for a long time.

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