Terry McAuliffe on TPP: Hillary Will "Go Forward If The Changes She Wants Are Implemented"


STEPHANIE RUHLE: Hillary Clinton's decision to join Sanders in opposing the deal has been a key to winning over a lot of his supporters. But on Tuesday one of her oldest friends, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe said she may flip her position and actually support the deal when and if she wins the White House. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, spoke exclusively with Governor McAuliffe less than one hour ago. She joins me now on the phone. Andrea what did you learn?

ANDREA MITCHELL: Well, he is not backing down. He is saying, though, that Hillary Clinton would make changes to it before going along with it. but since that is the priority of the president, they're going to proceed and try to get TPP on a lame duck session. Right now I am in the Virginia delegation where the vice presidential running mate is about to be coming out. So let me play you a little bit of McAuliffe sound. And if I am distracted, you'll know it's because we are at a live event right here with Tim Kaine. This is what Terry McAuliffe had to say.

GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE (CLIP): Let me be very clear she will only go forward if the changes she wants are implemented, that everyone is in agreement, the labor folks are in agreement. She’s not going forward as it is today. So unless the changes are made she’s not for it. President Obama does want this, as you know.

RUHLE: So for you, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of wiggle room. Terry almost sounds like he's doubling down.

MITCHELL: It is definitely doubling down and indicating that is the policy.

(via Michael C. Short at RNC)

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