MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: Tim Kaine "Is Proud To Be Thought Of As Boring"


MSNBC anchors Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams react to Clinton running mate Tim Kaine's 2016 DNC convention speech.

"He is proud to be thought of as boring," she said. "He is proud to be thought of as a normal guy, a nice guy who doesn't pick fights, doesn't make enemies, gets stuff done."

"He stuck the landing... He showed that you don't have to set the room on fire to be incredibly accessible, knowable, relatable, and be a kind of everyman who -- it is not charisma, but it is a different kind of affability and likability that voters often like," she noted.

"The guy you see at mass, the guy who drives a minivan, the guy you see at soccer practice," said Brian Williams.

"I think he comes across as utterly perfectly normal," added MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt.

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