Biden: "Democratic Party Hasn't Spoken Enough" To White Working-Class Voters


Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday's Morning Joe. Transcript, via MSNBC:

SCARBOROUGH: So -- so -- so, before we go to break, and I know we have to go to break, you -- you're touching on these issues, which ironically the guy that Mike was talking about and we all are asking about, Donald Trump, you're talking about a guy right now who's connecting with those workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

BRZEZINSKI: And pitching (inaudible) an hour.

SCARBOROUGH: Who's connecting with those people in Youngstown, Ohio.

JOE BIDEN: You're absolutely right.

SCARBOROUGH: Who's connecting with those white working-class voters in a way that you have your entire career. And in a way that Hillary Clinton is not.

You can just look at the numbers right now. Why is that?

JOE BIDEN: That's why I'm going to be living in (ph) Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan.


SCARBOROUGH: Over the next six months. Now, why is that?

JOE BIDEN: I -- I -- I think it's two reasons.

One, I think the Democratic Party overall hasn't spoken enough to those voters. They've done the right thing for the voter. Haven't spoken to them. We don't walk in -- like for example, Joe, you and I talked about this. If there's a cop in America that doesn't support me, I don't know where it is.

SCARBOROUGH: Don't know -- yes.

JOE BIDEN: Now, I'm not -- I'm being -- I'm not being facetious. These are guys I grew up with.


JOE BIDEN: But I also have overwhelming support from the African-American community. Everybody says how -- how can that be? There's nothing special about me. I talk to those cops. I keep in contact with them.

SCARBOROUGH: Have Democrats stopped talking to...

JOE BIDEN: I think...

SCARBOROUGH: ... white working class voters?

JOE BIDEN: I think we have in -- in part, and the reason is we've been consumed with crisis after crisis after crisis. And so I go in my old neighborhood and they go, "Joe, hey. Joe, over here, you know, what about me?" And I say, well look, all these things that are happening -- look, you know, what are the things that affect middle class families?

Let me define by middle class, being able to own your own house, not have to rent it, being able to send your kid to a park, they can come home safe, being able to take care of your geriatric parent after the one other dies, being able to send your kid to a local school to go well to get to college and to (inaudible) get them there if they get in. That -- that's -- that's not asking too much.

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