Anderson Cooper on DNC: Are Identity Politics Turning People Off?


CNN's Anderson Cooper asks about the use of identity politics at the Democratic National Convention compared to the RNC in Cleveland last week.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Do you think it turns off some viewers who are watching at home, sort of the identity politics, something Jeffrey [Lord] talked about?

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: I think for many, last Monday and Tuesday night were too harsh and probably the Democrats in watching what happened in Cleveland wanted to dial that back.

I'll say this. There has been a sea change in the arena. Those of us who were here in the afternoon I think would notice the signs have changed, the Bernie, Bernie, Bernie chants have dissipated. It seems like the measures undertaken to quell those concerns were successful.

COOPER: Jeffrey Lord, what do you --

JEFFREY LORD, TRUMP SUPPORTER: Well, I must say I found it amusing that Al Franken thinks that a businessman is not qualified to be president of the United States but a comedian from Saturday Night Live is qualified to be a United States Senator from Minnesota.

I really do think that the political class is having a hard time with this for reasons that have nothing necessarily to do with ideology.

COOPER: It is interesting when you juxtapose this to the Republican convention. Speaker after speaker at that convention was talking about we are all Americans and sort of decrying the idea of identity politics which you also decried.

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