Claire McCaskill: "No Question" The Russians Want Trump To Win


A top Clinton surrogate, Sen. Claire McCaskill, appeared on CNN Monday morning to defend Hillary Clinton from anger about DNC emails released by Wikileaks, saying there is "no question" that Russia is behind the hack. "In the metadata, you see that it has been through Russian computters," she said.

cALYSON CAMEROTA, CNN: Was Russia behind this e-mail leak?

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL: I don't think there's any question. In the metadata you see that it's been through Russian computers. The experts are saying this was Russia. And it's no question they're doing this to try to impact our elections and...


MCCASKILL: Well, because they want Donald Trump to win. Donald...

CUOMO: What makes you so confident about that?

MCCASKILL: They understand that there is this relationship. First of all, you have a close relationship between his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and one of the biggest...

CUOMO: Yushchenko.

MCCASKILL: ... oligarchs - Yes, Yushchenko and Russia who is like this with -- with Putin. You have this bromance going on between Putin and Trump...

CAMEROTA: Paul Manafort...

MCCASKILL: ... and him backing off on our - our commitment to our allies. That's unheard of that somebody running for president would actually say people from France and England maybe can't come to our country, and by the way, we're not really sure we're going support NATO against Russian aggression. It's really amazing to me. I think it's very clear that Russia is doing this.

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