Manafort: The World Is Unsafe Because Of Obama And Clinton's Policies, Not Anything Trump Has Done


On ABC's 'This Week,' Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort responds to President Obama's statements on 'Face The Nation.'

PAUL MANAFORT, TRUMP CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN: Well, he should be the one to be ashamed of what's going on in the world. The growth of ISIS occurred as a direct result of the policies that he and Secretary Clinton established when they took office in 2009.

The world is an unsafe place today because of his failed leadership, not because of anything Donald Trump has done. I mean, the American people are going to be reminded over and over in this election that these baseless charges by Obama and by Clinton are against man who has been the outsider, not the establishment.

The problems facing the world and the United States today of lawlessness and terrorism can directly be laid to the policies that have come out of the White House and out of the secretary of state's office when Clinton was president.

So these charges not only are baseless but they have no credibility. And we're going to continue to carry the case forward of what's wrong with America because of the failed leadership and what Donald Trump is going to do to correct the problems.

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