Bernie Sanders Delegates Organizing To Dump Tim Kaine, Who Is "More Corporate Than Hillary"


Norman Solomon from the 'Bernie Sanders Delegate Network' tells the San Francisco Chronicle that "progressive movements never sleep."

"The delegates here from all over the country --almost 1,900 of them-- who were elected because of their support for Bernie Sanders, we're not going to quit."

"We understand Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee, but we are very concerned and upset that Hillary Clinton rather than send an olive branch in the direction of Bernie Sanders consituency has really moved in the opposite direction," he said.

"She's chosen Tim Kaine, who is really more corporate that Hillary Clinton -- he voted for the fasttrack of the TPP, is against raising taxes on millionaires, supports coal plants in Virginia, and on and on," he added. "We just don't want to give any license to say the party should be run by corproations."

"We're committed to civility and non-violence," he noted.

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