Cruz Delegate: He "Lied To Me"; I Came As A Cruz Delegate And I'm Leaving As A Trump Supporter


Geraldine Sam, former Mayor of La Marque, TX, told CNN she came to the convention as a Cruz delegate but is leaving as a Trump supporter after Sen. Ted Cruz's address at the RNC Wednesday night. Sam was interviewed by CNN following a contentious meeting between the Texas delegation and Cruz where the former candidate for president doubled down the rhetoric expressed in his speech.

"If you cannot be a person, a word of your bond, then guess what, if I can't trust you to say and do what you're going to say, then how are you going to expect me to trust you to say any other things?" Sam asked.

"If you lied to me, then that's telling me you lied to me," Sam said of Cruz. "You lied to me. You lied and said you were going to support the party nominee and you won't. Then you lied to me. And I'm very upset at this time. When you walked on, I turned my back. Why? Because you lied to me. And don't take my vote for granted because you lied to me."

"I came to this convention as a Cruz delegate and I'm leaving supporting Donald Trump as the party nominee," she concluded.

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