Tucker Carlson: No Chance Cruz Will Ever Get Elected President, Voters Will Not Forget This


Tucker Carlson says after his speech at the RNC Wednesday night, Sen. Ted Cruz will never get elected president, much less receive the party's nomination. "Republican primary voters remember this kind of thing and I think they are offended," Carlson said on FOX News' coverage of the convention.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: A source with the Cruz camp, we don't have a name, says the end of the speech was tough, but sometimes standing for principle means getting booed. It's not classless to compliment Trump for winning, it's not classless to highlight areas of policy where they can work together, it's not classless to call on everyone to come out and not stay home.

TUCKER CARLSON: Sure, the question is, should you do it in the convention hall. Look, I'm withholding judgment, personally, I don't think there's a chance he's going to get elected president in 2020, I don't think he's get the Republican nomination, I think this will stick with him the way Chris Christie's embrace of President Obama hurt him. Fair or unfair, Republican primary voters remember this kind of thing and I think they are offended, perhaps I'm wrong, I doubt it.

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